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Support your Scorpius energy with this aromatic blend of calming and relieving scent. Scorpios born between 10/22 - 11/22 belong to the water signs in the zodiac. Like the element itself, the zodiac sign is unstoppable, intense and strong. The carefully selected natural aromas of this blend help Scorpio-born people to restrain their almost boundless energy and to use it optimally for themselves. Find more serenity and peace through the Mystical blend specifically made for my fellow Scorpions

When lit, this candle will embody Scorpio energy throughout your home/space.

In a mystical dance of aromas, the base notes of frankincense and vanilla lay the foundation for a scent that transcends time and space. As you journey deeper, the heart notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine rose petals, and cinnamon unfurl like secrets whispered by ancient spirits. Finally, the top notes of pineapple and tangerine provide a tantalizing glimpse of an exotic paradise, where dreams and reality intertwine in an enigmatic olfactory symphony.

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